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A Feast for Your Eyes

Welcome to the digital gallery of the creative works of Pete Lyon, we've been expecting you.

Piping hot and fresh from the mental oven, the creations contained within this site were cooked up between 2011 - present. The "chef", or in this case "artist/designer", has curated some of the greatest visual flavors for you to enjoy! Feel free to pair with a fine bold Italian red or a dry white wine from the Alsatian region.

A little background on myself: I was born and raised in New Jersey but have made a home all throughout the mid-Atlantic. I am a huge music snob, lover of the sportsball, IPA enthusiast and all-around nice guy. Originally my background was in fine art, specifically painting and photography. My artwork has been shown in galleries and juried shows and I have received many awards and accolades.

After over 10 years in the hospitality industry, I decided to couple my business acumen with my passion for visual media and pursued my degree in graphic design. I have worked professionally as a designer in production and agency environments since graduating Shepherd University in 2014. During the pandemic of 2020, I founded my own company, Visual Methods, LLC, and went into business for myself.

So grab a table or a seat at the bar, and prepare for a visual delight. Bon Apetit!

"I saw design and it opened up my eyes" - Ancient Swedish Proverb

"Design says long-haired, pretty people need not apply" - Tesla

"He was such a nice young man, I don't know what happened" - Mother

Self Portrait Cheese

I'm sooo good at:

Painting & Illustration


Adobe Creative Suite




Web Design


Video Editing




Here are some of my latest works. For my full portfolio click the link below
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Smoker No. 1
Smoker no. 2
Tuesday night specials flyer for Domestic
Wednesday night specials flyer for Domestic
Benefit for flood victims in West Virginia in 2016
She Doesn't Stay Home and Knit
Thursday night specials flyer for Domestic
Poetry Open Mic

My Sites

These are the sites that I have built over the last few years. I am largely self taught and have spent countless hours watching tutorials on Lynda.com and YouTube. I am pretty confident in my html and css knowledge and have a pretty good footing in php. I can fiddle with javascript just well enough to get it to behave like I would like.

Truth and Beauty Bar + Kitchen Rowe's Print Shop Spray Equipment Company tempo di marcia site for Craig Jurgensen's book Citizens of Brotherly Love domestic restaurant


Help Me Help You

If you need help with a project or are curious about my rates feel free to reach out for more information.

Kitty Hawk, NC, US
Phone: +540.287.6103
Email: [email protected]